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Dear Future Steelman,

For the last 14 years, the Steelman Triathlon has developed and grown into one of the most popular races in the tri-state area. The location, time of year, and event staff have made this race what it is today, and as the new race directors, our goal is to continue this legacy and continue to improve the race any way we can.  We are athletes, building and producing a race for athletes.  We want every competitor to have the best race experience possible, and we will not settle for anything less.  The 2019 Steelman Triathlon will be an epic race experience and we cannot wait to see you at the finish line!

Race Hard,

Dave and Dan

dan finish.JPG

Dan is married and has three beautiful girls in college.  He did not even start to exercise until he was in his thirties, but once he started, there was no holding him back! Dan has competed dozens of Olympic and Half distance triathlons, was the captain of a charity bike team for over a decade, and has reached the podium at numerous local 5 and 10k’s.  To this end, Dan’s passion is running.  He has qualified for the Boston Marathon two times, placed in several 50k’s, ran 8 Ultra Ragner’s, run the Philadelphia to Washington DC 100 miler, and just completed the Grand Canyon R3 (Rim to Rim to Rim) in one day. Dan’s energy and positive personality cannot be matched, and he is looking forward to meeting all of the athletes at this year’s race.

lean 2.JPG

Dave is married and has three beautiful girls in middle school.  He is an elementary school teacher and didn’t start to compete in the world of triathlon until his mid thirties.  Dave’s brother—in-law asked him to join a local bike team, and that is how he met Dan.  Dan introduced Dave to triathlon and helped him do his first race at Steelman in 2012.  Since then, there has been no stopping him! Dave has completed over twenty Olympic distance, eleven Half Ironmans, and three Full Ironmans.  His goal is to complete twelve Full Ironmans before he turns fifty.  One of Dave’s goal is to bring his love for racing and combine it with the role of race director.  He cannot wait to give all the athletes a high-five as they cross the finish line at this year’s race.

Timing and Tracking

 All 2019 Steelman Racing events will be timed by LinMark Sports of Mantua, NJ using the Chronotrack timing system.  LinMark Sports has been a valued member of the Steelman Racing team for a decade providing the most accurate timing results in the racing industry.

At all Steelman Racing events, ahletes will be able to look up their results with splits via Lin Marks laptop computers within minutes after finishing.  In addition, friends and relatives of entrants can sign up for race tracking and texted results during the week of the race.

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