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Simply click on the green register button on each race page and select the distance and day that you want to race. Click here for a Help Guide

Simply click on the green register button on each race page and select the distance and day that you want to race.

Simply click on the blue register button on each race page and select the distance and day that you want to race

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method to get up-to-date information about the race?

Frequently visiting the Steelman Racing web site and subscribing to our social media outlets:

Please reach out to the race directors with any questions via email at:


When will the Athlete’s Race Guide be available on the website?


The Athlete’s Race Guide will be available two weeks before race day.  This will include specific information about Packet Pick-up and any changes to the race. Please see announcements on the Steelman Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for all important race announcements.


Are the local roads closed during race?


All athletes and spectators will need to be off RT 563 and in the Lake Nockamixon Park boundary limits no later than 6:45 AM or risk being stopped and turned away by the police in an effort to clear the road for the bike leg.


The road will not be reopened until the majority of bikers have cleared the West Bridge turnaround. This should be around 10:30 AM. This also means that you will not be able to leave the Marina or Park boundary limits until 10:30 AM. Police have very clear instructions to control traffic to maintain safety for all athletes, so please plan accordingly.



How Do I know what category do I sign up for?

Age Group: This is most people racing. Remember your age is based on how old you are on the 31st of Dec the year of the year of the race.
Athena: Female athletes weighing over 165lbs
Clydesdale: Male athletes over 220lbs
Military / First Responders: Active Duty Only
Relay: Can be 2 or 3 people completing the 3 segments of the race. Run, Bike, Swim


Can I Defer My Registration?

Yes, you may defer your registration to the following year’s event one time for a fee.  Athletes can do this through their profile by paying a $30 deferral fee. Once online registration closes (one week before race day) we will NOT allow any more deferrals for any reason.

Sorry, but refunds are not allowed for this, or any Steelman Racing events.

You will receive an email in January with a coupon code for YOU to re-register yourself for the next year’s event. You are NOT automatically re-registered for the following year’s event.


Can I switch my entry to another distance at the race site?


No, you need to switch your entry to another distance before the day of the event  This needs to be completed before the race registration is closed one week before the race. There is no fee to do this unless the event you are switching to costs more.  If the event you are switching to is less there are NO refunds.  Contact the race director at if you need to change your race entry.


Can I transfer my registration to another athlete?


NO! We DO NOT allow any transfer of any kind for any reason.


Do I have to pick up my own event packet?


Yes – USA Triathlon rules state that you must pick up your own event packet, and  you must present a photo ID at packet pick-up. You will have verified your USAT membership or purchased the $15 one day fee when you registered. This rule also applies to all relay team members – each relay team member must pick up his/her own event packet.

What are the USAT rules regarding wetsuit use?


Open Water Swim Events:

There are wet suit and non-wet suit divisions

*athletes determine which division they are going to be in when they register for the race


The USAT rule governing the usage of wetsuits in a race is as follows:

Water temperature is 78 degrees or lower: Wetsuits may be worn Water temperature is between 79 degrees and 83 degrees: Wetsuits may be worn, HOWEVER, the participant is not eligible for any race awards and do not receive any USAT ranking points or series ranking points.  If the water temperature is 84 degrees or higher: Wetsuits are not allowed.

Will there be aid stations on the run course?


Yes, there will be at least three different aid stations on the run course.


Will there be aid stations on the bike course?


No, there will be no aid stations on the bike course. It is recommended all athletes carry at least two bottles on the bike course.

Can I wear headphones or my carry my phone for any portion of the race?

No, all electronic devices (ex: cell phones, radios, helmets that play music, or ear phones) are prohibited during the race.  Athlete safety is our top priority, and we do not want athletes distracted or distracting other athletes during the event.


Are you new to the sport of Triathlon? Looking for more information on how to get started? Already a triathlete?


To find more information to assist you in reaching your goals check out this new initiative from USA Triathlon. Click here to get started.

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