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Are you ready to have some fun?  The Steelman Racing Off Road Endurance Festival will take place at Bear Creek Mountain Resort on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 & 15.  If you LOVE the outdoors and want to push yourself to try something new, then this is the event for you! The Steelman Racing Off Road Endurance Festival has SEVE awesome events over two days: a sprint distance off road triathlon, sprint distance off road duathlon, sprint distance off road aqua bike, a 20 and 8 mile Gravel Grinder ONLY race, and 5K, 10K, 20K trail runs. All events will take place entirely on the serene grounds of the Bear Creek Mountain Resort and will finish at the base of the ski mountain with an epic post-race party on the Bear Creek Resort deck. Athletes will test their talents on the trails in this fun, family-friendly event, which is the perfect way to end your summer or start your fall training. Come out, get dirty, and be ready to PARTY at the Steelman Racing Off Road Endurance Festival!

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